Introducing New Quortex Portal

Starting July 2023, your Quortex Portal has a new look and feel!

Why a new look and feel?

Our platform is evolving to provide you always more unique features and applications! was initially a single application SaaS platform, focused on Live OTT streaming. This application is now renamed Quortex Play

We are expanding Quortex capacities, with the addition of a new application, Quortex Link!

Quortex Link is our new innovative SaaS solution, focusing on point to multipoint Live SRT distribution.

You can learn more about Quortex Link at And you can also of course contact us if you are interested for a trial.

As a current user of Quortex, what are the changes?

Almost nothing! The way to operate the platform, its technical capabilities, your current workflows... everything will stay as they were before, without any impact on your operations.

The high-level way to use the portal has just been slightly redesigned, to allow you to manage all your applications (Quortex Play, Quortex Link) from a single consolidated portal.

Here is what it looks like

New Portal Navigation

The key navigation parts are:
1. Application Switcher. This is where you will be able to switch between Quortex Play and Quortex Link.
2. Pool Selector. This allows you to switch between existing pools, and to create new pools in your organization.
3. Pool Operations. This allows you to navigate between all the configuration menus of your pool. Access your SRT metrics, configure your live OTT channels, play with your rules... as easily as it was before!
4. Organization menu: access your organization settings, billing, and platform usage.
5. User menus: access your user account parameters and the help center. Logout from the platform.
6. Pool Settings Configure all the settings of your pool, and delete your pool if you need to.

That's it, really! We are sure that you will enjoy this new experience. And if you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the chat.

Updated on: 11/10/2023

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