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Managing API keys

This article explains how to create API keys to manage the platform. Note that you should be familiar with the different roles within an organization or within a pool before reading this article. You can read about that here: Managing your organization.

API Keys

Configuring the system through its API follows the same privilege hierarchy. The rule oh thumb is that a user with a given level of privilege (be it for an organization or for a pool) will only be able to create API keys with the same level of privilege.

Organization API keys

They are accessible through the "Organization" menu that can be created/deleted/modified by Admins only. They allow a full access to the system. If you only want to control a given pool, we recommend to generate a Pool API key instead!

Pool API keys

If a user has been invited to the pool as an owner or as an editor, he can create Pool API keys.
Pool API keys are limited to operations on a given pool.
Only owners and editors can create Pool API Keys
There are two levels of privileges on a pool API Key: viewer and editor.

The keys can be created in the pool settings (keep in mind that you have to be at least a pool editor to be able to create an API key)

Updated on: 07/10/2021

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