TL;DR: to get the best experience with the Quortex I/O app, please use a modern and up-to-date (6 months old maximum) desktop browser.

Recommended configuration
Our customers have reported the best browsing experience with Chrome, Firefox and Edge desktop browsers, with auto updates enabled, and a screen width of 1280px minimum.

Known issues
Mobile / tablet browsers are not yet supported: we're working on a mobile friendly version of the app.
Our customers have seen problems when using the "Private browsing mode" in Firefox. This is because some features of the app require IndexedDB, which is not supported by Firefox in this case.
Our customers have reported problems with Safari versions older than 14.0.

If you run into a compatibility issue with your browser, don't hesitate to tell us about it using the chat icon directly in the app or using the links below this article!
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