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Product specifications

Maximum Supported bitrate

By default, a Quortex Link pool supports SRT streams with a data bitrate up to 20 Mb/s.
Going above that bitrate threshold will display a warning in the source, and may impact system stability.

If you need to activate the use of bitrates higher than 20 Mb/s, no worries, please just contact us. We will be glad to activate the support of higher bitrates on your pool.

Quortex Link - SRT source above 20Mb/s

Maximum number of sources and destinations per pool

By default, a Quortex Link pool supports up to 20 sources and up to 100 destinations. Creating additional sources or destinations will fail.

Use multiple pools to manage your different projects. Management and operations are simplified when the number of sources and destinations is kept humanely reasonable.

If you need to use more sources or destinations in a single pool, no worries, please just contact us.

Maximum number of CIDR for SRT Listener

When using SRT Listener connection mode for ingest or delivery with Quortex Link, beyond using a passphrase, access can be additionally secured by restricting clients than allowed to connect by specifying allows IP addresses through CIDR (Classless Inter-Domain Routing - Wikipedia).

A single CIDR specifies a continuous range of IP addresses. It can be very specific, down to exactly 1 IP address (e.g., or target a range of servers in the same subnet.

In Quortex Link, the number of CIDR is limited as follows:
Ingest point : up to 1 CIDR
Delivery point : up to 3 CIDR

Updated on: 26/06/2024

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