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Scheduling my stream delivery

While many contents need to be delivered on a 24/7 basis, other contents (for example, sport games) are typically only delivered during events that last a few hours or a few days.
Quortex Link allows to schedule the distribution of such content only for the duration of the events. This allows to save on cost, or to restrict content availability to the chosen time ranges.

Link Scheduler is available as part of the Enterprise Plan. Please contact us if you need to activate it for your organization.

Creating a scheduled event

Within a pool, scheduled events can be used to manage the distribution of content from sources to destinations from the pool.

Creating a scheduled event

A scheduled event applies to one or several sources of a given pool. At defined times, link from event sources to their destinations will be set to the required state : at start time, link is enabled, at end time, link is disabled.

You can always manually enable or disable the link from a source to its destination, for example to perform some tests, or to adapt to last-minute changes.

Disable or Enable SRT Links in a manual way

If at event start time, link is already enabled for a source, no change will be performed, as content is already streamed.

Managing a scheduled event

A scheduled event is either upcoming (start time is in the future), started (start time is in the past, end time is in the future), or finished (end time is in the past).

The temporal nature of scheduled events adds some restriction on modification possibilities. For example, the start time of a started event can't be modified, but its end time can be extended.

List of SRT distribution scheduled events

Scheduled event and SRT connections

Scheduled event allow to manage the delivery of content from source to destination.
The SRT streams of the source should be ingested 24/7, ensuring that the content is always received and ready to be delivered.
On destinations, the SRT connection should have been pre-configured and tested with the receivers before events. We will keep all the cloud infrastructure and IP properties unchanged before, during, and after an event.

No content will be streamed during a scheduled event if SRT connections are not properly established.

Updated on: 01/03/2024

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