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Adding a Custom Domain to Streaming URLs

Quortex I/O provides the ability to add a custom ( your own ) domain to your Publishing Points.

The custom domain is set per pool and can be altered within a organization on different pools.


The configuration is straight forward. After creating your pool, check the settings button on the top right.


After Sliding the "add a custom domain name" button, you are required to add you domain.

After entering the domain, your credentials are being created. This can take up to two minutes, so time for a coffee.
Once your credentials have been created, just follow the instructions.
The challenge is necessary to identify you as the owner of the URL that has been added. By asking you to add a custom identifier to your dns record, we can make sure that you are the one having access to the configuration and therefore are entitled to add this domain.

Once the challenge has been identified in your domains record, the setup will be completed and the custom domain will be visible in your publishing point settings.

Removing a Custom Domain

In case you want to remove your own domain from a pool, just slide back the "add a custom domain name" toggle button.

Updated on: 01/03/2024

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