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Premium Pool (Limited Availability)

Quortex Play can support premium processing features and offer Low Latency, HEVC transcoding, and UHD output resolutions. These features rely on a specific pool type (Premium pool).
This article introduces Premium Pool particularities.

Premium Pool features

Premium pool is used for premium processing which includes any of these features:
Low Latency (as specified in LL-DASH and LL-HLS). Typically enables 3 to 8 seconds end-to-end latency. This requires a Low Latency player.
HEVC transcoding.
UHD resolution (up to 3840x2160).

Working with Premium Pool has some operational and billing impacts described further in this article.

Operational impacts

Supporting premium processing involves stronger requirements on the infrastructure and creates specific operational impacts. These will be progressively removed in future versions.
The following differences versus the standard processing currently apply for a Premium Pool:


Premium Pool inputs have the following specific properties:
Redundancy level: Standard or Dual stream.
Dual stream ensures a zero impact on the end-user service in case of a failure of the source or the cloud infrastructure.
Standard redundancy is a cost effective solution that can impact a momentary service interruption in case of source or infrastructure failure (typically few minutes).

Premium Pool Ingest must be done with SRT.


Changing the processing configuration restarts the service. Impacted outputs are identified in the UI, and a confirmation is requested before proceeding. The service impact is around 1 to 2 minutes, and can be done during maintenance windows.
Segment size for Low Latency must be the same for HLS and DASH.

Advanced Features

Rules are not available in a Premium Pool.

Billing impacts

Premium pool is available in the Premium Feature Plan.

Dual stream inputs lead a dual processing workflow. This typically doubles the ingest and processing usage and costs for a given input.
Delivery occurs only once in all scenarios and remains unaffected.

Low Latency, HEVC and UHD outputs can be achieved with the Premium Pool feature. Need more details? Contact us!

Updated on: 10/05/2024

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