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Using Catch up

Catch up is a built-in capability of the Quortex platform. Before we go into the details of how to configure Catch up, let's make sure we use the same language ... Catch up is the ability for your end users to replay a recorded program. The configuration of Catch up implies the creation of programs and the generation of VOD assets to stream recorded programs.

Activating the Catch up

Catch up is an organization level feature available depending on your Features Plan. When available, a Catch up menu is displayed on the left of the UI. To activate the Catch up, open the menu and slide the toggle button to enable it.

Creating programs

The creation of programs is used to define the content that needs to be recorded. It is achieved by selecting an Input, and defining start and end dates and times. Default unique program names and publishing points are suggested and you may customize them if needed.

Once the program is added, it appears in the program list.

Adding VOD assets

For each program, you need to create VOD assets that correspond to content exposed to end-users. Click on a program to specify the processing profile, target format, and access URL.

Once done, click on Add to trigger the asset generation. You can monitor the progress of this process through the status evolution (acknowledged, on-going, and completed).

Once the asset is ready, the content can be accessed by using the configured publishing point URL. The program status indicates "done":

Updated on: 01/03/2024

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