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Using Quortex as an Origin

Quortex Play can be used either with its built-in CDN or as an Origin. In this article, you will learn how to configure your pool with the right settings to deliver your streams just the way you want!

Using Quortex Play with the built-in CDN

Using the built-in CDN is the default behavior. There is nothing to do in the platform, just create your pool and you can start delivering your streams throughout the world immediately!

You can create a CDN pool and use it as an Origin - it will just work. But if you don't use the Origin specific settings, you won't be able to restrict or authenticate your publishing point and they will end up being public. Using IP whitelisting or header based authentication requires to enable Origin specific settings.

Using Quortex Play as an Origin Server

If you already have a commitment to a third party CDN, or if you want to bring your own CDN, it is possible to use Quortex as an Origin. This Origin relies on the same scalability mechanisms as our CDN, so you don't have to worry about its capacity - it will just scale!

Creating a pool with Origin output

When you want to bring your own CDN, you first need to create your pool - adjusting the delivery mechanisms can only be made once your pool is created. For doing so, you can click on "Settings" on the top right of your window, once you clicked on a given pool. The "Origin" settings applies to a whole pool.

You can then navigate to the "Origin" tab and enable Origin Output for your pool.

Restricting how your content is served

When you bring your own CDN, you probably want to make sure that the streams can't be delivered to any end users through the Quortex platform CDN. Address whitelisting allows to restrict the CDN access to a subset of IPv4 addresses. You can enter an IP address and its associated network mask, in CIDR notation:
Authorization header allows to restrict the CDN access to the requests that hold the authorization header - all other requests will receive a HTTP 403.

When Origin output is enabled, some features will be disabled as we can't rely on our built-in CDNs. Hence, analytics will be disabled and the "device" and "geolocation" rules will be disabled


Origin egress cost is the same as CDN egress cost. You will still be charged the same amount per delivered GB. For more information on pricing, please visit this page.

Updated on: 01/03/2024

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