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Using Startover

Startover is a built-in capabilty of the Quortex platform. Before we go into the details of how to configure startover, let's make sure we use the same language ... Starover is the ability, for your end users, to go back in time in their live streams. The use case the platforms focuses on is when you want your users to come back to a specifc point in time, typically the program start (in which case it can be API driven through integration with your EPG system), or the event start (in case you started streaming before the event was actually started).

Activating the startover

Startover is a per-pool feature. As such it needs to be enabled in the pool settings, under the "Enable Time Shifting" selector. All the inputs of this pool will then be "startover-enabled", meaning that you will be able to define stream entrypoints in the past. We support going back up to 6 hours in the past ... Don't forget to click on "save"

Enable Time Shifting

Defining stream entry points in the past

Once the time shift capability has been enabled at the pool level, you'll be able to define entry points per publishing point. Hence, go, the "Publishing points" section of your dashboard and click on the small clock, left to the publishing URL.

Publishing points

By clicking on the clock, you will have a popup window where you can enter several times (either in your local time zone or in UTC). Just enter the time you want, click on "confirm", and you're (almost) good to go! The URL that you can use and publish can be accessed by clicking on the copy button, next to the start time you defined.

Define Startover Times

Updated on: 13/12/2022

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