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How do I reduce the processing costs?

Using Quortex I/O, one of the items you will be charged for is the “processing” traffic (see here for more info). You can see this traffic as the amount of data that is transcoded by the platform. Quortex I/O will always try to mutualize the processing as much as possible. By mutualizing, the data will only be processed once and the processing cost will be lowered. Follow the guide to learn more!

HLS and DASH mutualization

When you enable multiple targets (be it several HLS or a mix of HLS and DASH, or several DASH), the processing will automatically be mutualized. On the below example, the 1080p50 processing will only be made once (and you will only be charged once, of course!), even though two publishing points (for HLS and DASH) will take their data from this processing.

Hence, in a nutshell: you don’t have anything to do to enable HLS and DASH mutualization, it is fully automatic!

Profile mutualization

Quortex I/O also has the ability to mutualize individual profiles inside a “processing configuration”. A “profile” is one of the lines of the below table.

In Quortex I/O, all these profiles are shared amongst the different processing of a same pool. It means that if one processing “A” is a subset of another processing “B”, you won’t be charged for the processing of “A” is “B” is already pulled. Let’s try to make a scheme out of that!

By doing so, Quortex I/O ensures an optimal mutualization and makes sure that a profile will never be processed twice - and never be invoiced twice. What you have to maker sure is that the profiles are exactly the same amongst all processing configurations in terms of codec, bitrate, resolution and framerate. A change in any of these parameters will prevent Quortex I/O from mutualizing as the profiles will be different. This is of course fully valid, but you will be invoiced for twice the processing.

You can check whether the profiles will be mutualized with thee “Mutualized cost” column in the processing.

Updated on: 14/03/2024

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