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Your platform usage, explained

As you can see from our pricing page, we price per what you use, without commitment. In this article, we'll deep dive into the billing and payment methods.

Monitoring your usage

We price based on the traffic for the input, the processing and the delivered data. You can monitor the amount of data that contribute to any of these items in the status/usage tab.

You can select any time period on the upper left of this control. By default, all the graph are synchronized so that you can always have a consistent data view. The billing is based on what you will see her: it basically sums up all the bars for a billing period (e.g. a month) to build the invoice that you will receive every first of the month at midnight, in the time zone that you've selected when you selected a payment method.

The usage status pertains to a pool. The usage data will be deleted if you delete a pool. You may want to save the usage data through the pool usage API before deleting a pool.

What you view in this panel is the total number of bytes that have contributed to the input, processing and delivery items, over the width of the bars (that you can select on the upper right. You can also select any time period to understand more in details what happened for a specific event, for instance.

The check, please

You have to be an organization admin to see the billing settings. Please refer to Managing your organization for more information.

In the billing menu, you will be able to precisely understand and analyze the costs, based on the usage described above, for any time period (and not only on month boundaries).

Selecting the time period

In the first screen, you will get an overview of the costs, split per month; this basically corresponds to the invoices you have received. And by the way, you can also re-download the invoices just below this menu.

Going more in details

When clicking on the "Get details" button, you can go in depth to understand what part of the input/processing/delivery data is more important, for any time period. This is very convenient when you want to understand your cost structure, and make adjustments to be more cost-efficient (please refer to How do I reduce the processing costs?)

Changing the payment method

Of course, you can adjust the billing address, the billing email and the payment method at any time.
SEPA is not supported yet: we only accept credit card as a payment method. Please contact us, should that be a problem.

Updated on: 14/03/2024

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